The Bodyweight Guide to a Big Butt

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Would you like to grow the size of your butt, without having to go to the gym?

When Covid lockdowns started in 2020, all the gyms near me were forced to close. I wanted to keep making progress, and without weights or access to a gym I would have to do it entirely through bodyweight exercises.

Going through online articles, Youtube workout routine videos, fitness magazines, and more. Very quickly I realized something - A lot of advice online is misleading or complete nonsense. 

I spent hours researching the science and studies over what the best exercises really were. I developed workout programs for myself and when lockdowns ended, I had many friends who noticed the progress I had made and commented on how much bigger I had gotten! 

How does it work?

The Bodyweight Guide to a Big Butt contains ONLY exercises that are science-backed and can be performed without any equipment at all. Each movement is organized by which muscle it works and its difficulty. This means you can find the perfect exercises for you to make progress! Whether you are just starting out or experienced and need to pump up the difficulty, this guide will help you make progress.

You'll be able to use this system, even if:

  • You don't have access to a gym
  • You are new to exercising
  • You are overweight or underweight
  • You are afraid of getting 'too big' and looking like a bodybuilder instead of your goal of a dream-like body
  • You have been lifting for a while and aren't sure if bodyweight exercises are enough to help you

If you are new to working out and unsure if this is for you - don’t worry! This guide takes many steps to make sure you will be able to get the best results possible for a bigger butt.

Included to help you are:

✅Sample workout plan to get started right away

✅Instructions on how to perform each exercise so you always know what to do

✅Science-proven best exercises for your glutes to grow

✅ What you can do outside of exercise to get a bigger butt faster

All this to help you, so that you can:

✅Achieve a rounder, firmer butt starting in just a few weeks

✅Improve your confidence and self esteem

✅Feel good that your body matches with your goals

✅Make girls jealous of how thicc you are

✅Improve 'athletic performance' in the bedroom

Don't take my word for it - Get the guide and start getting great results today!

Imagine the butt you want, and how it could be yours if you knew exactly what you needed to do to get it?

If you live in a country where USD is expensive - the code "parity" should scale the cost to the purchasing power of your local currency.

If you aren't satisfied, you are safe with a 30-day money back guarantee!

Just send me an email or dm at @fitness_femboy on twitter within 30 days of purchase and I'll refund you in full

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Everything you need to build a fantastic body without ever having to pay for a Gym membership!


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The Bodyweight Guide to a Big Butt

75 ratings
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